Lockers not necessary in high school


In middle school, they say that they are preparing us for high school with things like testing, independence, and using your lockers. While two of those things are true for high school, using lockers is not. In fact, nearly no one in the school uses lockers which makes them a waste of money and time.

The overall consensus on lockers in high school is they are not needed. Some upper classes have not even used their lockers at all. Freshman Levi Yocum believes that lockers are necessary stating that he uses his for sports and questioning why you would want to carry your sports stuff around all day. On the contrary freshman Caleb Luyk says that lockers are not necessary. He states, ̈ They are not necessary because you have a backpack to carry your stuff and if you were to go to it in between classes it would take to long.¨

Sophomore Riley Nix does not use her locker either. She says that she does not think they are necessary but that they can be helpful if you have the time to use them. Another Sophomore Jacob Voris agrees they are not necessary saying that you do not need them when you can carry all of your stuff around in your backpack.

The recurring opinion continues with juniors. Junior Colton Callahan also agrees that lockers are not necessary saying he does not even know where his is. Junior Mark Cirilo continues the trend saying they are not necessary because you can carry your stuff around adding that he has never even used his locker.

Senior Dylan Hart has never used his locker or known where it was saying that has always been easier for him to carry his stuff around. Fellow senior Wynsor Beal agreed with Hart even questioning if seniors even have lockers.

Out of the eight students interviewed only one said that lockers were necessary. Now that is a very small sample size for a school consisting of 1,800 plus students but I’m sure the ratio of students who think lockers are necessary versus those who do not think they are necessary would not be far off. With a little help from a calculator I took that ⅛ of students that think lockers are necessary and set up an equation to figure out how many students out of 1,800 students approximately would think lockers are necessary. The answer came out to 225 students. Then subtracting the 225 students that would say lockers are necessary from 1,800 students you would get a grand total of 1,575 students that would not think lockers are necessary. Obviously none of those numbers are exact but they are estimations so they would not be far off from doing an actual poll of the whole school.

 If we decided to go locker-less we would not be the only school doing it either. In an article on ABC from 2011 it talks about almost an entire school district in Mississippi going locker-less. The interim superintendent of the school district Ronnie McGehee talked about some of the benefits stating, ̈students were putting things in their lockers that they shouldn’t. ̈ He also talks about the extra space students students get without lockers saying, ́ ́they can cohabitate without stepping on each others feet and getting mad at each other. ́ ́

Not only would getting rid of lockers create more space but give the school more money. Thousands of dollars are put into lockers and getting rid of lockers would give a lot more money to the school to do different things. For example, I hear kids talking about how the lunch lines are so long and it takes them a good amount of time to get their lunch. The school could use that money to add another lunch line to even out the lines.

 Overall I think getting rid of lockers would be a positive thing for the school. They are not essential to high school students and their everyday school lives. At best they are just storage for an athlete’s equipment. Lockers are wasting valuable space in the halls and they are wasting money that could be used for better things.Nowadays, high school students and lockers are not the right combination anymore.