The Cereal Box: coming soon

Michael Cowden, Social Media Editor

   Arvada, Colorado, a small town outside of Denver is home to many small business owners. Michael Emmerson and Lori Hofer are among these small business owners and are trying to bring back those nostalgic days of childhood cereal eating and cartoon watching. They are doing this by opening up The Cereal Box in Olde Town Arvada.


   The Cereal Box will be open in the fall, serving over 100 types of cereal, as well as many toppings to add such as cookies & candy. Coffee and coffee cereal drinks will also be sold.


   According to The Cereal Box’s Facebook, the company will offer a wide variety of cereals, including the everyday American classics, limited throwback editions, and unique cereal imports from around the globe. Several different types of milk will be offered, including non-dairy offerings, along with cereal toppings such as fruit and candies. Toaster pastries, coffee, juice, and tea will also be sold. Another  item that will be on sale is cereal milkshakes.


   Cereal can also be delivered from this company if the total price comes at or above $25. The cereal box is a “kid friendly” place, that resembles a frozen yogurt shop. Cereal isn’t the only merchandise that this business is selling.


   Merch, such as T-shirts and other accessories, has been announced. Pop Vinyl figurines will also be on sale; TV, anime, movie or TV show characters reflects the kid-like theme that this store is trying to convey into their theme.


  Although The Cereal Box  opening this fall, the small business didn’t raise all the money that they hoped for. A KickStarter fund was started for the business. Their goal was to reach $35,000 by August 14th but they raised $2,903. They are still going to continue with the store which is opening very soon.  Check for updates  on their Facebook.