Womxn’s March Denver attended by A-West students


Caitlin Danborn

Left to right: Jocelyn Gotfred, Graysen Winchester, Julia Trujillo, and Julia Rohner attended the Womxn’s March Denver.

In the midst of a government shutdown, nearly 80,000 people attended the Womxn’s March on Denver on Saturday, January 19 at Denver’s Civic Center Park. The Denver group is not associated with the national group, which has received criticism of associating with anti-Semitic leader Louis Farrakhan in recent weeks.

While nearly 100,000 people attended the march in 2018, this year’s numbers were closer to 80,000 people, said the “Denver Post.” The theme of this year’s march was “Listen. Act. Unite.” The name–Womxn’s March–is a more inclusive term, according to the march’s organizers. According to the Womxn’s March Denver website, the founders of the march believe that the name “make[s] space for trans, non-binary, and genderqueer persons in our name.”

Among the 80,000 people who attended were several A-West students. Junior Julia Rohner attended the first Women’s March in 2017 but was not able to attend in 2018. This year, Rohner marched “to show support for the millions of people who feel like they don’t have a voice right now.”  

Rohner marched with a number of other A-West students. Julia Trujillo, also a junior, said “I march because I’m sick of our administration believing they can have male legislators decide on women’s bodies.” Trujillo has attended all three of the Women’s Marches in Denver.

Junior Jocelyn Gotfred said that she marched “because I think it’s powerful to see so many people brought together.”