Egg-cellent Eggstravaganza


On April 13, 2019 at the A-West campus, National Honor Society (NHS) held their annual Eggstravaganza. The Eggstravaganza is a tradition which celebrates Easter with the Arvada community that offers events and games for the tots to participate in and allows fun for everyone.

This year’s Eggstravaganza held the very first sensory area. This is an area held in the senior lounge which houses activities that young kids with disabilities can actively participate in.  

Leo Cernohous, senior and NHS member at A-West, says, “It’s fun to see all the kids come in. Now we have our sensory friendly area so now we can get a bunch of different types of kids here as well, and make sure everyone feels included and can experience the fun of Easter.” 

The colorful and familiar Dr. Seuss theme could be found throughout the school.

Mateo Castillo, 10th grader at A-West, says, “It’s very graphic and looks pretty to kids.”

Eggstravaganza creates a fun atmosphere for attendees and the NHS members that put it on seem to enjoy it as well. 

Alexis Rohrke, 10th grader at A-West says, “Everyone’s really nice here and the vibe between the inductees and the normal people who’ve been here before, they’re all really nice to each other which is good because I know in a lot of other clubs the normal members and the new members kind of are mean to each other.”