Celebrating Colorado’s unique Black History

The second month of the year is dedicated to the celebration and reflection of Black History in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Throughout the month, different historical events and figures related to Black History are recognized and highlighted.

A-West Senior Kofi Asare expresses why this month is important, “I believe black history month is necessary to remind society to look out for and to stand up to racism and microaggressions of all kinds regardless of their targeting nature.”

Jolee Rios

Just like other states in the country, Colorado has its own special pieces of Black History. From Dearfield, Colorado, Lincoln Hills Colorado, to Five Points is home to unique Black History. 

The Colorado History Museum, located in downtown Denver, features exhibits and experiences to teach about history in the context of Colorado. Such as an exhibit highlighting Lincoln Hills, a resort built in the year 1922 in the Rockie Mountains which was an escape from racism. Today the resort is still frequented and used by descendants and visitors alike. The museum also features an initiative called the Black Heritage Trail which is a rundown of Black history starting with the pioneer days to the present day. These are just two of the several exhibits. 

Asare explains what Black History Month means for him, “To me, Black History Month recognizes and celebrates the efforts put forward by our ancestors to limit the amount [of] systematic racism and disparity in today’s society. It also serves as a reminder to be proud to be black and that we can accomplish anything!”