A-West students anticipate Spring Break with plans

As several states with strict masks and vaccine policies are loosening their grips, Spring Break has become more anticipated. 

At A-West,  spring break will take place from March 21 through 25, 2022. Additionally, on Monday, March 28th there will be no school due to a teacher/staff development day. 

According to an Instagram story poll of 57 A-West students, 32 students know what their spring break plans are, while 25 students are undecided about their plans.

The A-West performing arts department is embarking on a trip to New York City for a few days to perform in the Big Apple. The trip will consist of the AWest Band, Choir, and Theater classes. 

A-West Senior Ellie Pointer describes her plans, “I’m most excited about being able to go to New York City and perform in Carnegie Hall. Some of my friends and I are going with the music department for a couple [of] days. I haven’t been to New York City for a very long time so it will be fun to be back and really see it again.”

Other Wildcat’s plans include sleeping for Senior Jessica Darling, Hayden Briscoe’s plans on going to Mexico for a tropical vacation, and Freshman Isabelle Liberatore says she’s going camping. Overall the majority of students have their breaks planned out. 

Jolee Rios

Those who have their Spring Break activities and travels taking place by travel have recommendations to stay safe, the CDC  suggests staying updated on vaccines, checking the travel restrictions, visiting a healthcare provider, planning for unexpected issues, and protecting yourself as necessary. Airlines still require mask-wearing as a part of their protocol. 

“After spring break I am looking forward to everything from prom, to graduation, to my track meets. It will be a busy and exciting end of the year and I am ready for it. Although I am also really nervous about it too, it will be really fun.” Pointer explains.