Courtesy down the drain


Photo by Gabor Monori on Unsplash

   Walking into the bathroom on a Friday during seventh I went into the bathroom and the toilet was filled to the rim with toilet paper and cereal. That person not only went out of there way to vandalize the toilet but they also went out of their way to show that they have no school respect. There was also toilet paper in the sinks along with a Tampon. I went to the stall right next to it and saw toilet paper all over the floor, there were only two stalls in the bathroom, therefore, was unable to use it due to the irresponsible student who rudely ruined the whole bathroom for no apparent reason, other than to be unmannerly. This is not the first time I have noticed the blatant disrespect from our student body

   “Show some school pride, it’s amazing that people would trash out a bathroom that people are using” said Trisha Seymorer, a custodian at Arvada West High School. Although the custodian’s role is to clean up the school, it is not their job to clean up after students who choose to be rude and disrespectful. They have their hands full around the school, they not only maintain everything within the building but also do all the landscaping outside of the school. I have no reason or knowledge as to why someone choose to vandalize, plug up toilets, leave trash and smug make- up on the walls and mirrors.

   Over the years the custodians have noticed the regular issues that comes with cleaning the bathroom, but this year they are noticing more vandalism in the girls bathroom and plugging up of the toilets in the boys bathroom. It is not that they are being clogged with the normal things that should be going into the toilets, but they are being clogged with excessive toilet paper usage and other items.