Scolded for swearing: studies show that using explicit language can potentially result in some health benefits


Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash

   How many times have you been scolded for swearing? Studies today are proving that swearing can be good for your health, emotions, and it can work as a pain reliever.

   “Swearing is such a common response to pain that there has to be an underlying reason why we do it.” says psychologist Richard Stephens. Scientists do not completely understand  how the physical effect is achieved, but they believe it is involved with with brain circuitry linked to emotion. Studies show that normal everyday language is just a few centimeters deep in the left hemisphere, but that explicit language is very deep in one structure in the right hemisphere.

   One of those structures is called the amygdala. It an almond shaped structure that triggers the flight or fight response. This makes our heart rate climb and therefore makes our bodies less sensitive to pain. When someone swears, it activates their amygdala.

   Swearing is a way to retaliate without being violent. A few swear words can provide enough strength to someone, to enable them to be able to walk away from a fight. Even though it can be vulgar, its better than people getting physically injured.

  Swearing can enable ones social acceptance. People swear to belong, if it is how everyone else talks, it is how they are going to talk. If that is what someone needs to do to feel like they belong, well then that is what they need to do. For example, if they belong to a group that says a certain swear word or just swears a lot in general, they are going to feel the need to swear, because if they do not they would feel like an outsider.

   Language is powerful way to show emotion. Swear words in someone’s language shows how important something can be to them or how strongly they feel about something. Swear words are used to make a point. Swear words catches peoples attention because they are less common than ordinary words, so the listener is more likely to pay attention.

   Swear words can be funny. Our society has very strict ideas about acceptance and what is socially acceptable. Swearing is acceptable in such atmospheres like places of business and school. That’s why it is funny when people swear because it like breaking the rules, it gives people a release,and it relaxes the atmosphere.

   Swearing has it’s benefits. But keep in mind not all people will see the benefits.