Is too much technology bad for you?

Photo credit to via Unsplash

Many people all around the world own some type of electronic device. These range from phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and more. Even kids today have phones. When I was very young, all I had were books and toys, not phones and tablets with millions of different games on them. Many people today are engulfed in the technological world. The digital world started off small, but now 75 percent of the world’s population owns a mobile device. Some today are obsessed with their electronic devices. But some do not know all the effects that come with digital devices. There are a lot of negative effects of using too much technology.

Personally, I use technology in my everyday life because it makes the things I need to do easier. I use my phone, laptop, and I watch TV daily, but for intermittent parts of the day while many other people use electronics for hours on end.  Technology can help with many aspects of life, but using too much can have a negative effect. I think that using too much technology can be really bad and can lead to negative consequences. One major effort of using too much technology is that you do not get enough hours of sleep at night. Looking at a digital device for hours on end can mess with your eyes and could potentially lead to long-term vision problems. We also use search engines to find our information, but do we fully remember it and think deeply about that information? It can also change the way people interact and their social skills. This can especially happen with kids.

I think using too much technology is bad because I know people that use too much technology every day, and it can change the way they act or feel. A way to fix this could be to limit time used on electronic devices. Instead do something outside or spend time with others.