Choir brings opportunity


The entertainment industry has presented the concept that theater kids are frequently considered outcasts, or a mockery in high school, but times have changed. Now, choir is an activity that brings great opportunity and improvement in different areas and is respected by colleges.

Choir enhances the chances of students to not only to get into college, but achieve good parts in musicals, and improve vocal range.

Colleges like choir students, because it shows the possession of admirable qualities, as said by Students in choir can work and attribute to a group. They don’t work individually; they benefit group, showing team work. Choir also takes practice and focus. It shows determination to succeed and the ability to work hard. It can set an application apart from the rest in the eyes of colleges.

The choir also allows for improvement. The musicals and plays consist almost entirely of members of the school’s choir. They usually are awarded larger parts. The choir class helps with their vocal range, which enables them to sing the parts better. They are also able to memorize and read parts better.  

How can people really know if choir students are still mistreated unless they themselves are in choir? Rigel Blasken, a sophomore in the concert choir and varsity men’s choir, stated,  “I’ve never felt like anyone’s been against me.”

A poll taken from the student body revealed that 100% of the voters agree that there is no shame in being a male choir student.

The Arvada West High School choir is one of the best in the field, as revealed by their accomplishments. They have competed in many different states. They have also qualified to be in top exclusive competitions and been rated with top marks.  All in all, the high school choir at Arvada West brings excellent opportunities, and is respected.