Opinion: Trump’s wall will work

Will a border wall work? That is the question the entire United States wants to know. President Trump declared a national emergency because he did not get the money he needed from Congress to build the wall. The declaration caused a lot of backlash from the Democratic Party, stating it was unconstitutional.

This is Trump’s fourth executive decision and it has caused him major backlash and a lawsuit. The president requested about $5.7 billion from Congress to fund for his border wall, which led to a bitter fight with Democrats and a 35-day government shutdown. In the aftermath of the shutdown, Trump declared a national emergency and authorized his administration to dip into budgets for other agencies.

The wall is a great idea and it is proven that walls work. Hungary recently implemented a border wall and illegal immigration dropped 99.6%. That number is huge. Illegal border crossings for Hungary dropped from 391,384 in 2015 to 1,418 in 2017 after the construction of border barriers – a 99.6 percent decrease. The Hungarian government built a 325 mile long border and since 2017, Hungary has not had any problems with illegal immigration. If they can make it work in a continent full of radical Islam spreading through out, and have a 99.6% success rate, America can do the same. Hungarian authorities say it has effectively shut off the main migrant route from the Middle East to Western Europe; police arrested only five undocumented immigrants last month, compared with 3,528 before the fence existed in March 2016.

Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom, Hungary believes President Donald Trump, who is choosing designs for a wall along the southern border aimed at sealing off Mexico, should be encouraged by the success. “I hope it inspires the Americans,” he said.

The Pentagon within the last week funded Trump $1 billion taken from Defense Departments. This move caused backlash and later led to the revocation of the Pentagon transfer of funds. The wall is not racist, and I think that the topic at hand should be the money for the wall, not the wall itself. There are a million ways to fund money. Maybe the President will keep his promise on Mexico paying for the wall. Democrats need to stop pretending that securing our southern border is racist. Continuing to let illegal immigrants in, and having ill-structured state laws is, in my opinion, a breach of national security. There is a battle to be fought, but the Dems need to choose the right one.