Opinion: climate change needs more awareness


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Climate change is a growing problem, and I feel as if the majority of people do not care about the planet. I believe most think the Earth will be fine and their actions will not have consequences. That is quite on the contrary, because your actions will always have consequences whether it ends up as good or bad.

Carbon dioxide has been a major factor in the recent climate change. C02 is released naturally through the carbon cycle. This can be seen through plants and animals’ respiration and erupting volcanoes. The release of C02 by humans trumps the release of C02 through the natural process. This causes the concentration of C02 in the atmosphere to rise dramatically. Air pollutants are detrimental to human health and the many ecosystems on Earth. Air pollutants also block sunlight. Emissions from manure from South America, Europe, and Asia account for 81% of the greenhouse gases. The scientific proof backing up the claim of climate change is overwhelming. According to NASA, 95% of the current warming trend is the cause of humans.

I think there are many different ways to slow down climate change. Using renewable energy is a good start. The push for clean, healthy energy has skyrocketed within the last decade, and the monetary investment in the product is achievable for the majority of the population.

Finding different ways to get to work is another way to slow down climate change. Use public transportation. The light rail that runs through DIA and Union Station has opened after 4 years of construction at the end of April. Ride sharing with co-workers or riding a bike cuts down the amount of pollution drastically.  

Using energy wisely is key. Every time I leave the house, I make sure every light is turned off, and no machine is running. Sometimes I unplug electronics when I leave. I never dry my clothes in the dryer; instead I hang them up on a clothesline or on my shower rod. Voting for representatives in your state legislature is another way to raise awareness. Stay informed for all elections. Candidates have many different viewpoints, so it is important to ask questions at town hall meetings.

If the entire population of the United States went green, here is what would happen. If everyone recycled one plastic bottle, there would be enough material to make 54 million T-shirts. If everyone recycled one soda can, 295 million new ones could be made. Everyone recycling just one can would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 6,750 passenger cars off the road and save energy equivalent to 80 thousand barrels of oil. It only takes one to start a movement.