Opinion: Impeachment of President Donald Trump


Photo credit to History in HD via Unsplash

President Trump’s chaotic and graceful term is coming to an end whether President Trump decides to resign or not. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, will move forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Vice President Mike Pence must make an effort to remove President Trump before Speaker Pelosi moves forward. The house will attempt to pass a resolution by consent calling for Vice President Pence and President Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment, and remove President Trump from office. However, if the resolution does not go as planned, it will be moved to the floor for a full vote on Tuesday, January 6th,2021. Vice President Pence is required to respond within 24 hours of the resolution or the house will move forward. 

Tuesday, January 12 reporter for CNN, Zachary B. Wolf, updated the article about President Trump’s impeachment. 

The definition of impeachment is “A charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office.”

 In other words to charge with a crime or misdemeanor. In this case, President Trump is being charged with violence towards the capital. 

President Trump told CNN news that “Impeachment was the start of a chase. Impeachment is a continuation of the witch hunt.” 

President Trump is saying that the impeachment is ridiculous coming from the Democrats and it is causing more anger than harm because the belief President Trump has is that the Democrats speak nonsense.  However, some students at A-West say otherwise. 

A junior at A-West, Madisen Jenkins says, “I am glad he is getting impeached, he has harmed this country since he entered office.” 

The impeachment of President Trump is happening because of his actions.

  The storming of the US capital was a riot and violent attack against the 117th congress on January 6th, 2021. The riot happened last Wednesday after President Trump told supporters to “fight like hell” after the results in the November election. 

President Trump feels no remorse for the storming of the capital and states to the New York Times, “What I said was totally appropriate, I want no violence.”  

What did his speech mean moments before the riot of the capital? Several Republicans are joining the Democrats in the House to vote. Supporters are slowly giving up on their idol. 

According to government officials, the impeachment is based on absurd actions. Many people from the community agree that the riot towards the capital could have been avoided and that President Trump and his supporters were being overdramatic. 

Five people died, due to the riot at the capital. Along with the 5 dead, multiple were injured and some left in fatal conditions. 

According to the government and local sources, President Trump lost a lot due to his recent actions in inciting the riot at the Capitol. President Trump has now been impeached twice. 

A-West senior Alina Glidewell states, “I believe it’s all way too much, it won’t do the country any good.”  

The President who promised the country a  better lifestyle and to make America great again ruined it for himself in a matter of seconds.