Everyone needs to believe that they are a badass


Graphic created in Canva, photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Take a second and ask yourself the question: Am I a badass? The obvious answer is that you are. Every person must realize their total greatness in order to work towards a self-fulfilling life. It is time to find confidence in who you are and become completely unstoppable. A life of self-fulfillment starts with believing that you are a badass.    

Teenagers in the Arvada area came up with their own personal definitions of what they believe a badass is. Respondents detailed that badasses are everything from someone who “stands up for what they believe in” to someone who is “unapologetically themselves.” 

The most important thing to point out is that each person has the ability to create their own definition of what a badass is. Each person can construct their definition of a badass to fit who they are today, thus deeming each and every person a badass by their own personal perspective. 

Out of 93 respondents in the Arvada area, 22% said that they do not believe that they are a badass. Then, 24% said that they do not love themselves or have confidence in themselves. In contrast, 100% of respondents said that they are often trying to grow from their life experiences and 84% said that they believe being a badass could change their life. 

Graphic created in Canva, photo courtesy of Unsplash.

If you are able to learn from your life experiences, why can’t you be a badass? Trying to learn from hard experiences can be incredibly challenging, but actually learning from these experiences is completely badass. Learning and then growing to be a better you is impressive.

 If you know being a badass can change your life, then why not believe that you are a badass? 

The most powerful tool to becoming a badass is to believe that you are a badass. Change your mindset to believe that you are everything in your “badass definition” and truly believe that you are a powerful badass. 

Believing that you are a badass can be directly linked to confidence. Barbara Markway, a psychologist with a Ph.D. states in Psychology Today, “Self-confidence is linked to almost every element involved in a happy and fulfilling life.” 

She then goes on to mention that self-confidence can increase motivation, increase resilience, improve relationships, and create a stronger sense of your authentic self. Confidence only improves your way of thinking, which translates to why believing that you are a badass is so important and crucial to creating a self-fulfilling life. 

Jolee Rios, a junior at A-West states, “It [being a badass] could change my life by becoming unafraid to be exactly who I want to be in life.” 

Graphic created in Canva, photo courtesy of Unsplash.

The moment you realize that you are already a badass, and there is nothing you need to do to “become” a badass can be a turning point in your life. Everyone needs to believe that they are badass and their lives will quickly become more fulfilling. 

Katherine Spinny, a mentor in leadership and the creator of Katherine Spinny Coaching LLC states, “Believing in yourself affects everything you do. Everything. From your professional life to your personal life to your solitary life. In your relationship with yourself and in your relationships with others. In the choices you make and in the dreams you dream. How you view yourself, how you measure your value, how you assess your potential and how you determine your worth all combine to create the life you will live.” 

The power of believing in yourself can determine your path in life. It determines your success, your friendships, your mindset. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are a badass. 

Making this change may sound like a lot for those who do not feel like badass material, but in reality, just practice adopting the badass mindset. Take time to recognize when you downplay yourself, insult yourself, or find that you do not believe you can do something and correct that behavior. Remind yourself that you are capable of being a total badass and begin to think of yourself that way. Mindset controls so much in your life, and it is easily malleable and capable of change if you stay persistent. 

Everyone needs to believe they are a badass because their life is going to be full of so much more joy and satisfaction. Giving your confidence a chance to completely change you can only help you to fully believe in your badass self.