Your body, your choice

Women deserve a choice

Women deserve a choice

Years back women used to have no rights, they were only there to cook, clean, and reproduce. That was how most people saw women and thankfully people realized women are human beings too and people fought for women’s rights, like the right to vote, have an equal opportunity, etc. The only question remaining is do all women get equal rights regarding what they want to do with their bodies? Like having their tubes tied or removing their uterus or having abortions? 

According to a study on In 2020  Women Still Need Their Husband’s Permission to Get Sterilized, it says, “Some doctors still think a woman needs her husband’s permission for surgery on her own body.” “A Washington mother of two shared her story of discrimination at her OB-GYN (OB means obstetrics or obstetrician and GYN means gynecology or gynecologist) and her story went viral-not because it was rare, but because many women could relate.” 

This statement was shocking to hear because there have been many sacrifices made to help get women where they are today. The fact that doctors won’t let women have elective surgeries that would ensure they could not get pregnant without their husband’s consent is wrong. Women know their bodies better than anyone else. Women as individuals should be able to decide what is best for themselves and their bodies, without needing consent from someone else, including your spouse. 

The tweet the Washington mother posted said, “My OB-GYN just said if I want my tubes tied electively then my husband’s signature was also required on the release form. I asked her if that was a law, she said it’s not but it’s their policy.” 

After she tweeted this people became outraged and more women started sharing their experiences of being denied control over their bodies. 

One woman said, “Mine straight told me it was illegal because of my age, I was 31, my husband was in treatment for thyroid cancer, and we were done having kids.” 

Another woman tweeted “I told my former OB-GYN I wanted mine tied asap after delivery of my last child, she refused cause I might get married again and my new husband may want children.” 

These three examples of what could be happening to thousands are disconcerting. Arvada West students have varying opinions on this issue. 

Alex Maier-Walford, one of the ninth grade A-West students said, “It’s absolutely disgusting and a huge maker of the patriarchy.” 

Another student, Mason Merhout, an eleventh grader said, “I feel like it is the women’s choice because it is her body but I think the best thing would be for her to consent to her spouse just so they can come upon an agreement as a couple.” 

Both the students do however agree that it is the woman’s choice since it is her body; it is in fact her life and no one should interfere with it. Let women do what they please with their bodies without the requirement of consent from their spouses. Women have their own minds and are very capable of taking care of themselves and choosing what’s best for them.