Former Trump security advisor pleads guilty to lying to the FBI

Today Michael Flynn, the former National Security adviser to President Trump,  has plead guilty  in a federal court in Washington D.C. to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been conducting his investigation for months with little information released to the public. However, several men connected to the Trump campaign have been brought to light already with the indictment on Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and a plea agreement with the former policy advisor George Papadopoulos. Flynn has plead guilty to one count of  knowingly making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements.”

The contacts in question were conducted during the transition period from the election to the inauguration of President Trump. During this time, Flynn did not have the legal authority to meet with the Russian ambassador. The pair discussed policy surrounding US sanctions on Russia, and delaying a vote on a UN resolution. While Flynn had previously denied these contacts, he now appears to admit to them with his plea in court.

The Mueller investigation is still ongoing with no signs of concluding soon despite the attacks from the President saying it is merely a “witch hunt.” Mueller will continue to conduct his investigation with his grand jury in Washington D.C.