Finalists for Colorado Supreme Court vacancy announced

There is a vacancy in the Colorado Supreme Court, and Governor John Hickenlooper has to choose among  three women: Marcy Glenn, Melissa Hart, and Pattie P. Swift.

The vacancy was caused by former judge Allison Reid, who was brought in by President Trump to serve on the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

A judicial nominating committee was in session for a month, and the bi-partisan group released the three women’s names. The chosen candidate will serve two years, and then will be up for re-election by the voters. Then, if re-elected, she will serve another ten years.

Glenn is a partner at the Denver office of the law firm Holland & Hart. Her focuses were on civil appeals and appellate courts. She has protected the plaintiffs in the Rocky Flats case and represented people against the Colorado school finance board. She has an undergraduate from Dartmouth College and a law degree from Northeastern University of Boston.

Hart is a professor at the University of Colorado Law School. She has represented people trying to receive DACA status and has defended the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s decision on the Lakewood baker who refused serve a gay couple. She has a degree from Harvard University.

Swift is currently the chief judge on the 12th Judicial District in southern Colorado. She is the only nominee that lives outside of the Denver metro area, and the only one with previous experience as a jurist.

Hickenlooper has less than a week to release his choice.