White bleeds purple


Photo courtesy of Katrin Hauf on Unsplash.com.

   Charles “CJ” White  is a football player and a junior at Arvada West High School. White has been playing football since he was 6 years old when his dad first gave him the opportunity to play by telling him to be athletic and meet new people. White says that he thinks the season will be alright  this year: “ I honestly think it will be a tough year and I think we will end up somewhere around half of our games as wins on the season.” White talked about the homecoming game, expressing that he is “really excited for the big game because I might get to start, which is a big part in being a player.” He was inspired to play football for Arvada West because it lets new opportunities arise and he has loved football since he was a little kid.

   White reflects on his ability to help out his team this year, pointing out that “If I practice hard, my mentality for the game will be in tact and I will play hard.” White recognizes how  important individual contribution is in team sports in order to win games.

   But being a good athletic is not the only part of school that matters to White. School work is also a big part in how the players perform. They must maintain good grades during the season or they will become ineligible to play in that week’s game. ” If I work hard in school I will work hard in games,” said White.

   White’s last contribution to a successful student-athlete regime is his diet. “Food is one of our main sources of energy. A well balanced diet is important for any athlete’s daily routine,” White states. A good pre-game meal for him is“ Subway because it is very healthy and it has some carbs in there to keep me full during the game. I also like it because I get to put whatever I want on it.”

   To know White is to understand what motivates him. He takes his game seriously, yet he remembers when he took it a bit further than he does these days. Commenting on his past pre-game routine White explains, “I do not anymore [do it]  and for a specific reason.  I quit my pregame routine because we were losing every game, and when I stopped we started winning!”

   It really does not matter now because White recognizes that success comes from hard work and discipline, not pre-game routines.