Volleyball season comes to a close with last home game


Jess Hickey

Senior Ren Ludlow spikes ball against Dakota Ridge

The girls volleyball team played their last home game of the season on Tuesday, October 26th against Dakota Ridge. The varsity team fought hard, winning the second set but losing the overall game in 4 sets. Throughout the season the volleyball team played well, the game on Tuesday bringing their record to 7-11. 

The game was also senior night, before the game started the seniors were presented with little gifts and posters as a thank you for their continuous hard work and leadership.

Team captain, Ren Ludlow says, “Well it being senior night felt really good but also sad cause it finally hit me that I’m actually a senior and we only have one more game left. The game itself could’ve gone better but I think we still played great, no matter what” 

Another senior, Kalissa Martinez says, “I don’t think that one game determines who we are as a program because we are a very strong team with a lot of passion for the game. Regardless of how we played and the result of the game I had a lot of fun and for it being the last home game it went really well!” 

This encompassed the general mood of the game; It was upsetting that the A-West team lost but they played well and had a good season.

The imperative ability to still feel pride after a loss is partially thanks to the student section. As the final home game in  2021, this game wrapped up a season of continuous school spirit. At every home game the student section dressed in the games theme, ready to cheer on the players. 

Senior Sofie Pasini-Hill says, “I like going to games because my sister plays on the level four team, and I love staying to watch JV and Varsity because I have friends on both teams. I also love sitting in the student section, especially when we do chants because it makes the games even more fun.”

Junior Bailey Shrader getting rowdy and celebrating by body bumping a 

student before the game. Photo by Jess Hickey

The theme for this game was costumes given the game was during Halloween week. In the crowd there were taco suits, various blow up costumes, bananas and other funky Halloween costumes, promoting school spirit. 

The senior players had large cutouts of their faces that were passed around and used to show support whenever anyone on the team did something good. 

The last home game was a final hurrah of the season, allowing the seniors time to reflect on their tenure with A-West and play on their home court one last time. It also gave fans one last chance to show up and support the volleyball team. The team heads into their final regular-season game against Ralston Valley on Thursday, October 28th.