Varsity Cheer Regionals


On Saturday, November 13, the varsity cheer leading team headed to the National Western Sports Complex to compete and hopefully get a bid to Nationals. They competed against 5 other teams from all around the Denver metro area.

The team had a long week leading up to this competition. The previous Saturday, they had competed at Ralston Valley and walked away with a win but this was followed only by a few days later with the league competition on Wednesday. The team was at the school for 16 hours that day. They started with an early morning practice followed by school, then setting up for the competition and then competing. It was a long day and the Varsity girls did not come out on top but it was a good step for them in the right direction.

Megyn Endes, a freshmen flyer on the team, says, “I felt nervous at first because after League, practices were a bit rough but when we got to Regionals, I felt way more excited.”

The team also has some special sayings that help them overcome their challenges. After warm ups, they listen to “Let It Go” from Frozen to help shake off all the difficulties they face. This is followed by team pep talks.

“We talk a lot about dinosaurs. Our biggest thing is saying ‘Dinosaurs would hit that’. We also do this thing where we make tents above our heads and our coach will say ‘Grab your sleeping bags and lets get in-tents’. This always just gives our team a boost of confidence that we most certainly need and helps us go out and be as intense as possible.” says Kendall Crespin.

After a “shaky warm up”, says Mallory Moreschini, the team took the mat. The girls gave all their effort and they knew it was a great routine when they stepped off the floor and they saw their coach’s reaction.

The head coach, Mckenna Biddle, says “I felt like every athlete left everything they had out there on the mat. I was over the top proud of the routine they produced and was even more excited for we would be for State.”

The Varsity girls were the only team to hit zero (a zero deduction routine) in their division which was a huge success. The team will take the mat one more time in Colorado Springs before jet setting to Orlando, Florida for Nationals.