Who’s rooting for who going into the Super Bowl


Photo courtesy of Amee Basheer off of Unsplash


Every year, millions of Americans don their favorite football gear and either head to stadiums or stay glued to the TV to watch their team play hoping for a win over the other guys. They hold their breath all season in hopes that their team will go all the way- that they’ll make it to the playoffs and play well enough to get to the Super Bowl.

However, only 14 teams actually make it to the playoffs and only two make it to the actual Super Bowl. The people who root for the other 18 teams in the NFL either decide to tap out when the playoffs are going on, or choose another team to root  for and hope the secondary team makes it all the way. 

On January 30th, the LA Rams played the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams coming from behind in the 4th quarter to secure the NFC championship title. Similarly, the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs with a field goal scored in overtime, becoming the AFC champions. 

Now that it’s February, the Super Bowl is days away, the L.A. Rams will play the Cincinnati Bengals at the Rams home stadium next Sunday, February, 13th. This is the only second time in NFL history that a Super Bowl team has played on their home field, meaning that the game will be played under a sea of blue and gold Rams fans. 

The last time the Rams made it to the Super Bowl was in 2019, but lost to the New England Patriots. Now they’re anxious to finally take another win.  On the flip side, the Bengals hadn’t even made it to the Super Bowl since 1989 and have never actually secured the championship title. This season, they’ve not only made it to the playoffs but continuously pleased their fans win after win and now head into the ultimate game. 

However, the upcoming game begs the question, how many people are going to be rooting for the remaining two teams. In a poll conducted of students at A-West 74% of recipients said that they would be rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals, many quoting the Bengals famous cheer “Who Dey”, alluding to the famous line “who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals” to which fans and crowds respond “Nobody!” 

However, of those who said they were rooting for the Rams and gave explanations why, 47% cited Von Miller’s presence on the Rams team as an outside linebacker. 

In an article from USA Today, journalist Cameron DaSilvia mentions “Von Miller spent the first 11 years of his career with the Denver Broncos. He won a Supper Bowl with them, is the franchise’s all-time sacks leader and established himself as a fan favorite in Denver.”

Regardless if someone is rooting for the Bengals out of hope of their first win, or the Rams out of loyalty to Miller, they have confidence in the players talent and hold their breath in anticipation heading into Super Bowl LVI.