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On the Spot with Spencer!

On the Spot


Spencer Veraldi


1. Who’s son is Cupid?

  (A)  Venus the Goddess of
2. Who was involved in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929?

 (A)  Al Capone’s gang.

3.  Who is the Valentine’s Day holiday named for? 

(A) A 3rd Century Roman priest…St. Valentine.

4. What is the average amount of money each person will spend on their Valentine?

(A) $77

5. What are the 3 most common Valentine’s Day gifts?  

(A) candy, flowers, jewelry


6. Who was the first president to live in the White House?

(A) John Adams


7. Who’s birthday is celebrated on President’s Day?

(A) George Washington’s
Birthday is the official holiday,
although Abraham Lincoln is
traditionally recognized too.


8. Which  President’s faces are on Mt. Rushmore?

(A) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln


9. Who was the youngest person to be elected president?

(A) John F Kennedy was 43
when elected.


10. How many Presidents have been assassinated while in office?

(A) four
John F. Kennedy (1963)
William McKinley (1901)
James Garfield    (1881)
Abraham Lincoln  (1865)


The following are the answer HIGHLIGHTS:


1.”Eros” Denise Hughes (Staff)
“Eros” Bruna Lanaghan (Staff)
“Artemis” Ashleigh Dangerfield (Student)
“Zeus” Alia Shey(Student)


2. “Al Capone – I’m from Chicago!” Denise Hughes (Staff)
“Al Pacino” Alia Shey (Student)
“The Scarface Gang!” Matthew DeMoulin Student
Scarface was Al Capone’s nickname.


3. “St. Valentino!” Julie Fredericks (Student)


4. “TOO MUCH! – $100.00!” Denise Hughes (Staff)
“$500.00!”  Ashleigh Dangerfield (Student) “Watch out Men- High Expectations!”
“$48.70!”  Jeremy Schuster (Student)  Could you be more specific?

 Could you be more specific?

5.“Chocolate, Roses and Teddy Bears” Ashleigh Dangerfield (Student)
“Chocolate, Flowers, Balloons!” Jeremy Schuster (Student)


6.”Adams” Bruna Lanaghan (Staff)
“Adams” Julie Fredericks (Student)


7. “Christmas?” Heather Blaine (Student)
“It’s not mine!” Bruna Lanaghan (Student)


8. Correct answers: Jeremy Schuster (Student),
Julie Fredericks (Student), Bruna Lanaghan (Staff)

Poor President Jefferson! The forgotten face! 


9. “JFK” Patti Mulholm (Staff)
“JFK” Bruna Lanaghan (Staff)
JFK was ELECTED at the age of 43. Roosevelt took office at 42 following the assassination of President McKinley.  President Obama was elected at the age of 47.


10. Most people guess 2!


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