Roy Blair’s ‘Cat Heaven’ emotional, positive influence


Breanna McCabe

Roy Blair performs in Denver.

Roy Blair, a 22 year old singer/songwriter, was originally brought up being the backup artist for Kevin Abstract. Blair came out with his first EP debut “sunsets” in late 2015 when there was not much popularity to him. Blair then released an album in 2017, “Cat Heaven” which has 13 songs of emotion. As most of the album talks about keeping the teenage years special and for longer instead of trying to grow up quickly into adulthood.

Blair then kick-started his albums tour in Los Angeles at Roxy Theatre on November 23, 2018. Blair then sold out multiple shows around the U.S. that he traveled to. In ‘Cat Heaven” Blair releases a lot more feelings about everything that is going on with him and what he has been through before. Blair is a young artist that helps younger viewers such as teenagers relate more to his songs. Blair helps teenagers relate more to his songs by adding in certain lyrics that most teens will agree with.

As Blair has a sweeter voice at times in his songs he still gets louder and yells as if he is trying to get his point/message across everyone listening to him. Teenagers mostly can relate to Blair’s songs because he talks about breakups, dreams, relationships and young love. A younger audience could go through different feelings towards the songs. Blair’s releases on his songs brings all his fans together and it is like everyone is in the same feeling together. Not everyone will have the same emotions but most kids are not wanting to grow up super quickly and teenagers want their teen days to stay forever also not have to experience adult issues.

“No one in the world is gonna stop me” Blair adds in the song “Alex.”

The song is about helping people leave parts of their life that are nothing but toxic. Then Blair’s song on the album, “Grow Up” mentions “Don’t tell me to grow up” which brings up the point of keeping the teenage years for longer.

I absolutely love the album and even saw him in performance on April 22, 2019 and had the best time of my life. I love how with each song there is a completely different emotion being released and with that it shows what Blair has been through. My favorite song in the album would have to be “Grow Up” just because I really can relate with the lyrics that he has written just like “Don’t tell me to grow up!” meaning that I do not want to be told to leave my teenage years so quickly.

Then with the whole overall album I think that it develops a lot of different sensations; Blair helps viewers try to find the happiness in the world we live in today and to not let anything interfere with the happiness. In society today we need to have more of an uplifting and positive message being sent to us and with that being said, Blair just happens to be one of the many positive influences.