Neon nights 2022; first mask-free event in years


Neon Nights dance sponsored by student council marks the first event without masks in years. Photo by Isabelle Wynne.

On February 12, A-West several students attended the Neon Nights dance. This dance consisted of fun music, big Jenga, face painting, corn hole, a photo booth, and a free happy spirit of students reliving past memories mask-free!

Cyrus Walton, a sophomore who attended the dance says, “It’s so nice to be able to be at one of these unmasked for the first time in a while. I just hope it lasts.”

The atmosphere throughout the night was so light-spirited it almost felt like a dream, colorful lights flashed around the room and lit up everyone’s creative outfits. It was clear, through the smiles on everyone’s face, that students were having a genuinely good tie. 

The colors brought about a vibrant environment for students to enjoy. Photo by Isabelle Wynne.

Many students have been excited about this for a few weeks and it was a great turnout. When kids get the chance to participate in a dance and get to do it safely it creates good opportunities to make new friends, and create fantastic memories.

Walton also says, “getting to spend time with my friends and peers is always an absolute blast”.

Hopefully, students will get many more chances to have a great experience like this one. It’s so wonderful to get to know students and see the student body having a great time.