The Westwind

School board changes are blooming

Scott Kordziel, Reporter

January 23, 2014

   There was a major shift of power and philosophy in Jefferson county. The new school board brings in a  new agenda that is different than the current one. John Newkirk, Ken Witt, and Julie Williams all won seats in the schoo...

From “Must See” to “Turn off the TV”: NoBody Cares about NBC Thursdays

Louis Herrera, Editor

January 23, 2014

   “Oh, how the mediocre have fallen.” This quote from a character on “The Office,” NBC’s last true Thursday night hit, sums up the position in which the network currently finds itself. Its Thursday night comedy line-...

Star Wars episode VII: strikes back

Louis Herrera, Editor

January 23, 2014

   Star Wars Episode VII has had somewhat of a troubled production thus far. Ever since it was announced by Lucas film (now owned by Disney) earlier this year, anticipation has been rampant among the franchise’s many fans. A...

Arvada West’s elite choirs go to choral celebration

Michaela Cameron, Reporter

November 14, 2013

   On Friday November 8, over 30 top choral programs in the state of Colorado gathered in  the heart of Denver for a special event known as the Metro Choral Celebration. This respected festival included two of Arvada West...

Fishing frenzy

Baylee Blair, Reporter

November 12, 2013

  On September 26, 2013, two professional fisherman, Frank Villa and Curtis Welch, visited Arvada West. They both have been to nationals many times and they fish in tournaments about two to three times a month. They talked ...

“Wait, What’s A ‘Vine’?”

Zachary Bibik, Reporter

November 12, 2013

  On January 24, 2013 a new system of social networking was release: Vine. This program has risen to the point where it is being used more, and more frequently than YouTube is today.  Unfortunately the term “Vine” has not...

New survey offers a different perspective on gun control

Svetlana Galvez, Editor in Chief

April 22, 2013

America’s way of dealing with massive tragedy is a juxtaposition to the rest of the world;. In 1996, Thomas Hamilton shot up a Scottish elementary school killing 16 children, one teacher, and then himself. Public response was...

A-West alumni support school

Sarah Malloy, Editor

April 22, 2013

A-West alumni have a new way to keep in touch with the school they still have love for. The Arvada West High School foundation is a group of 13 committed alumni that come together to raise money, keep up on current news, and ho...

A decrease in Jeffco water quality

Olivia Hutchings, Editor

April 22, 2013

“Well, first of all, the water down in the gym tastes horrible, like its mixed with dirt and its really warm. Then, the water in the north hallway is the best, it still tastes a little muddy but its cold. Over all, it just tast...

Lakewood officer killed in friendly fire

Sarah Malloy, Editor

December 4, 2012

The week before Thanksgiving break, solemn services took place to honor fallen Lakewood police officer, James Davies. On Friday November 9th, Davies was shot and killed in friendly fire by fellow Lakewood officer, Devaney Bral...